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Brand Realization Group Partners With P&G
Observatory Group Chosen to Develop New IT Solution

Cincinnati, OH - July 14, 2008 - Observatory Group is collaborating with The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG) to create a mobile interface to facilitate the internal adoption of external opportunities.

The new application, Technology Evaluation Application Mobile (TEAM) will allow P&G's technology entrepreneurs - innovation "scouts" based around the globe - to easily and quickly enter relevant information from innovators into the mobile application, thereby facilitating the flow of key information to those decision makers in business units. The TEAM application will streamline the innovation process and precipitate faster decision making. TEAM is also independent of geography and language.

"Innovation is often essential for brand realization. The TEAM technology solution was designed to drive identified external opportunities more efficiently and rapidly throughout P&G. The benefits include reduced time-to-market cycle, enhanced real time collaboration, and decreased review-to-adoption time," said Dawn Mullican, Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Observatory Group.

"Innovation is a key driver for growth at P&G. We chose to work with Observatory Group because of the breadth of their skill set and their ability to quickly develop and rapidly implement innovative solutions. We are also keen on supporting highly-capable local companies," said Steve Meller, Global Head of P&G Bioscience Business Development. Meller believes that the TEAM application will facilitate P&G's innovation process.

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Observatory Group has been building brands in major global markets since 1990, leading the strategic and creative development for over 100 brands. Our deep understanding of the business behind the science, along with our ability to bridge the gap between the consumer and the science behind the business, makes us uniquely capable of providing our clients in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries a broad range of services that include: forward-thinking brand strategy generation, breakthrough brand identity development, resonating brand message articulation, and innovative campaign conceptualization and implementation to both consumers and healthcare professionals across all media.

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